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About Us
Innovative & Creative Education Solutions (ICES)
Why Innovative & Creative Education Solutions (ICES)?

Founded & run by More than 23 years experienced professional. Unmatched exposure of Coaching and practices Opportunity to learn some real quick short tips and tricks. High Proven Results Focus on Quality not on Quantity, hence Small batches and Individual Attention. Low Course Fee, Discount for Bright Students. Full attention on overall grooming of the Candidates. Less stress on theory & full emphasis on Numericals and New Way of Learning. Course material along with Individual Training.

Teaching Methodology:

It is important that teachers learn to use a variety of teaching methodologies in order to cater for the range of learning needs and requirements that are present within most class environments.

All students, regardless of their level, can benefit from improved study Technique. Keeping in mind the need of aspirants, ICES facilitates them with the following learning methods:

Classroom Learning Program

Distance Learning Program

Satellite Learning Program

Online Learning Program


    Get Unlimited Practices test plus daily practice test

    Get unlimited Practice test plus daily practice tests.

    Get unlimited Practice test plus daily practice tests with Study Material.

    Not only we teach you or you only learn but also we guide you for your career.

    You decide your goal we can help you to achive it.

    If you have any doubts then at any time you can discuss with our experts.

    There are Presentations to all Subjects with Chapterwise Presentations to Learn with Additional Tricks.

    Presentation for All Subject and Chapter Materials

    For Every Chapter, Subject wise Memory Map and Revision Notes.

    Memory Map and Revision Notes for Chapter and Subject

    Solve Daily Questions and Sharp your mind Daily with new Questions

    Solve Daily Question Test
    Test Report Chart
    Daily  Test Report Chart
    Question Bank Test Report Chart

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